Garden Table Experience in Woollahra 


Chiswick X Four Pillars

A garden dining experience like no other! In collaboration with Four Pillars, we welcome you to Chiswick to celebrate the abundant beauty of Autumn by dining in our bountiful and vibrant autumn kitchen garden.


Throughout April, Chiswick invites you and three friends to dine in our abundant kitchen garden whilst sipping on matched Four Pillars Gin cocktails and indulging in a bespoke tasting menu curated by head chef Francois Poulard

Commence your intimate experience with a garden tour hosted by one of our friendly chefs, followed by our unique and intimate dining experience unlike no other. Our wine menu, which changes with the seasons, will also be available for you to enjoy during your time with us. 



$150 per person | Inclusive of the below set-menu, a curation of four delicious Four Pillars cocktails per person, plus a garden tour and a Chiswick take-home gift


$125 per person | Inclusive of the below food menu, a curation of four non-alcoholic beverages per person, plus a garden tour and a Chiswick take-home gift


Every Tuesday to Friday, lunch and dinner | From Thursday 1 April to Friday 30 April


To make your reservation for our Garden Table Experience, please email your request to

Garden Table Tasting Menu 


Baby capsicum, corn, radish, lime (vgn, gf, df, nf)


Andean sunrise potato, anchovy, caramelised onion (df) (gf) (nf) 


Paired with: Freezer Martini
Four Pillars Rare Dry & Olive Leaf Gin, Regal Rouge Daring Dry & Lively White Vermouth & Cucamelon




Chiswick flatbread, green olive, rosemary (vgn, df, nf)

White bean hummus, crufites (vgn, gf, df, nf)

Fermented kohlrabi, persimmon, sunflower (vgn, df, nf)

Heirloom tomato tart, ricotta, sorrel (v, nf)


Paired with: Negroni Spagliato
Four Pillars Dry, Antica Formula, Campari, Prosecco & Pineapple Sage




Gnocchi, garden pumpkin, sage, parmesan

Portobello mushroom, parsnip, farro, miso (vgn, df, nf)

Grilled zucchini, preserved lemon, pepitas (vgn, gf, df, nf)

Garden salad (vgn, gf, nf)


Paired with: Tartufo
Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Truffle Honey Syrup, Lemon, Rosemary & Soda




Pear, almond, hibiscus (vgn, gf, df)

Blood plum crostata, Messina’s jersey milk (nf)


Paired with: Chiswick Nightcap
Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin, Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, Antica Formula & Orange

Terms of Booking


In the case of wet weather, the experience will be moved to the internal Kitchen Garden Table which overlooks our



Please note dietary requests will be required in advance.


Available for four guests only per booking.


Cancellations within 48 hours of the booking will be charged the full menu price per person. Payment will be made on the day of your experience.