About Chiswick Woollahra


With many ingredients grown outside the window in perhaps the suburb's only kitchen garden, our menu is alive to the seasons, always ripe with elegant simplicity and perfect for sharing. A local favourite, Chiswick is Matt Moran's philosophy of honest produce, artful cooking and warm atmosphere brought to life.

Kitchen Garden

Nestled amongst the Chiswick Gardens, you will find our kitchen garden which is abundant in seasonal produce. From citrus, to nasturtiums and edible flowers, our garden is Chiswick's heartbeat. Planted to plated is our food philosophy.

Matt Moran

Matt Moran is a pioneer in Australia of the ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy and a firm believer in the importance of consumers being connected to the source of their food.

Chiswick's Bees

Chiswick Woollahra is now home to a new hive of native Australian bees - tetragonula carbonaria - also known as the sugar bag bee. Cultivated for their honey, these stingless bees are amazing pollinators of native plants and are essential working as pollinators for the local area.

Our Awards - Australia's Wine List of the Year


Best Small Wine List (max 100 wines) 2018

Best Small Wine List (max 100 wines) 2017



Best Small Wine List (max 100 wines) 2014

Best Small Wine List (max 50 wines) 2013