Chiswick Food Menu.


Our summer menu. Planted in our Woollahra garden months ago, harvested this morning, and ready for you right now. Planted to plated and gathered from our favourite local producers. 


Gather your nearest and dearest, pull up a chair and make yourself at home. Any occasion will do. Welcome to our Spring harvest menu. 





Sydney rock oysters, apple cider mignonette      7.5ea 


Rosemary flatbread, garlic, olive oil     14 


Crispy zucchini, monteforte, anchovy     10ea


Potato churros, Olsson salt & vinegar     10ea 


Cured tuna, lemon cream, crumpet     16eac


Barra-masalata, vegetable chips     20 


Skillet prawns, fermented chilli     32


Wood-baked halloumi, pear, honey     32


Roasted carrot, black garlic, sea herbs     28 


Vannella stracciatella, fire roasted peaches, hazelnut, oregano     28 


Ora King salmon gravlax tartare, cucumber, cultered cream     32 


Spanner crab, gnocchi, brassicas     32/48 


Beef carpaccio, enoki, caper     32 


Braised field mushrooms, cabbage, macadamia     38 


Snapper, kohlrabi, spring peas, lovage     48 


Maremma duck ragout, pasta, fried sage, parmesan     42 


Berkshire pork cutlet, harissa, grilled bullhorn pepper     56 


Chiswick market steak, beetroot, mountain pepper     MP 


Market fish, garden cherry tomato, preserved lemon, caper     MP 


Bannockburn chicken, woodfired kipfler potato, tarragon     48/76 


Chiswick slow roasted lamb shoulder, chickpeas garden salad, mint       115 


Steamed spring greens, lemon, olive oil     16 


Roasted pumpkin, chilli, maple     16  


Chips, celery salt, herb mayo     12 


Garden leaves, Chiswick vinaigrette     14 


We take your allergy and dietary requirements seriously. Please advise your needs at time of booking and our chefs will do their best to accommodate you.


Please note a 10% surcharge is applicable on Sundays and 15% is applicable on public holidays. Groups of 8 or more will incur a 10% service charge.