Planted in our Woollahra garden months ago, harvested this morning, ready for you right now. 

From our garden we are cooking with cucumbers, beetroot, sweet potato, celery, tomato, rhubarb, green beans, zucchini, strawberries and pink pearls. We are also using an abundance of salad ingredients daily including perennial mixed lettuce, basil, rocket, mint, sage, watercress and bay leaves. 



"My take on Australian food is deeply influenced by my upbringing, my career path, by travelling and by the amazing produce I am lucky enough to come across every day"- Matt Moran, Owner. 






½ dozen Sydney rock oysters, sake vinegar mignonette (gf) (nf) (df)    30

Iggy’s sourdough bread, housemade ricotta, summer herbs (v)    9

Zucchini flowers, goat curd, lemon, pine nut (gf)  (v)    14 

Sweet potato scallops, tomato kasundi (vg) (nf) (df)    10

Barra-masalata, crispy bits (nf) (df)    14

Rockmelon, prosciutto, lemon myrtle (nf) (df)    19




Small Plates


Garden tomato, peach, oregano, aged balsamic (gf) (vg) (nf) (df)  20 

Heirloom beetroots, figs, walnut, red elk (gf) (vg) (df)  20


Add Vannella burrata (v)  +9

Ora King salmon tartare, dill yoghurt, potato crisps (gf) (nf)    26

Southern calamari, heirloom tomatoes, basil, sherry vinegar (gf) (nf) (df)    26

Fried chicken, sweet corn, coriander (nf) (df)    26

Chiswick crispy duck, orange, lettuce, green onion (gf) (nf) (df)    28






Chermoula eggplant, citrus couscous, sunflower (vg) (nf) (df)    30


Roasted cauliflower, hazelnut, zucchini, pomegranate (gf) (vg) (df)  30


Fettuccine, summer peas, chilli, lemon, basil, breadcrumb (v) (nf) (df)     30

Add king prawns  +12 


Barra-in-a-bag, fennel, mussels, saffron, rocket (gf) (nf) (df)    36


Whole wood-fired rainbow trout, lemon, capers, burnt butter (gf)    38


Crumbed Berkshire pork cutlet, apple and cabbage salad (nf)    40


Scotch fillet, grilled green onions, red mustard (gf) (nf) (df)    44




To Share


Free-range roasted chicken, spring onion, sugar snaps (gf) (nf) (df)    68


Moran Family lamb shoulder, roasted capsicum, chickpeas, mint (gf) (nf) (df)    85





Chiswick leaf salad (gf) (vg) (nf) (df)    12

Seasonal greens, lemon dressing (gf) (vg) (nf) (df)    12

Roasted carrots, salsa verde (gf) (vg) (nf) (df)    12

Crunchy chips, ranch dip, celery salt (gf) (vg) (nf) (df)    12





Chiswick mess, mango, passion fruit, coconut (vg) (gf) (df)    16

Strawberry ice cream sandwich, pistachio (v) (gf)    16

Baked custard tart, stone fruits, basil (v) (nf)    16

Chocolate, cherry, candied macadamia (v) (gf)     16






Served with condiments and housemade lavosh 12ea | 3 for 36


A selection of soft, hard and blue cheese



We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. Please advise your needs at time of booking and our Chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.