Autumn Desserts.


Complement your Chiswick experience and indulge in one of our delicious desserts. Experience wood-fired pineapple and lemon balm at its very best this autumn. Settle in and linger for another glass of wine, coffee, or choose from our selection of teas.



Wood-fired pineapple, coconut gelato, lemon balm  16 


Chiswick berry pavlova, chantilly cream, lavender  18 


Strawberry pudding, buttermilk gelato, shortbread  18 


Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, coffee caramel, vanilla ice cream  18 


Selection of Australian cheeses, muscatels, honeycomb  16 / 28 / 38 



Just a slight indulgence...


Chiswick lamington     7ea



      Coffee + Tea 


Coffee roasted by Single O - Killerbee Blend


Tea by Apotheca bu Anthia

English Breakfast | Earl Grey | Chamomile | Chai Tsai | Peppermint | Paddington | Verdant Green Tea