Compliment your Chiswick experience and indulge in one of our delicious desserts.


Ice the cake with an accompanying glass of wine, coffee, or choose from our selection of teas.




Persimmon, wattle seed, parsnip ice-cream (vgn) (gf) (nf)  18


Dark chocolate, hazelnut, mandarin (v) (gf) 18


Skillet fruit and nut cookie, banana gelato (vgn) 24


Selection of Australian cheeses, muscatels, honeycomb (nf) 14/26/36




Just a slight indulgence...


Custard tartlet, salted fig caramel (v) (nf) 8ea



Coffee + Tea 


Coffee roasted by Single O - Killerbee Blend


Dry Masala Chai


English Breakfast | Earl Grey | Chamomile 


Chiswick Peppermint Tisane


Paddington - lemon myrtle leaf, lemongrass, liquorice root


Genmaicha - green tea