Get to know our passionate General Manager, Callum Morse. 


How long have you been at Chiswick?
One and a half years at Chiswick Woollahra, and one and a half years at Chiswick at the Gallery.

What is your favourite dish on the menu?
Look, the slow-roasted lamb shoulder is an absolute corker of a dish but I’m weak in the knees for the roasted baby corn with dill and pine nuts – the smell alone is sensational.

What is your favourite wine on the menu?
2014 Guido Porro ‘Santa Caterina’ Barolo….it’s bloody delicious, and come on, it’s Barolo! 

What’s your favourite thing about Woollahra?
Easy – the locals. You’ve never met more heart-warmingly friendly individuals. After that, the jacaranda tree right outside the window – in November when it is in full-bloom as the early evening sunlight comes through its branches is any photographers dream.

Where did you work before?
Chiswick at the Gallery.  

Where are you from?
Originally Scotland, but have been a bit of a gypsy living in the English West Country, Texas USA and now here Down Under!