Welcome to where grower and chef work hand in glove, surprise meets warmth, flair meets discipline. Serving honest magic, rough charm and memorable food.

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Planted in our Woollahra garden months ago, harvested this morning, ready for you right now. 


From our garden, we are cooking with cucumbers, beetroot, sweet potato, celery, tomato, sugarloaf, peas, zucchini, broad beans, cucamelons, and strawberries. We are also using an abundance of salad ingredients daily including perennial mixed lettuce, basil, thyme, rocket, mint, sage and watercress. 

Sunday Roasts & Live Music

Every Sunday in September.
Nothing soothes the soul quite like sharing a delicious Sunday Roast with your loved ones whilst tapping your toes to the soulful sounds of the live music. Every Sunday in September at Chiswick Woollahra, immerse yourself in delicious creature comforts with Sunday spring roasts and live music.