Get to know our passionate and highly knowledgeable Sommelier, Eleonore Wulf.  


Eleonore Wulf grew up in Tasmania before moving to Sydney to study Criminology and Psychology at UNSW. It didn’t take long before she found herself infatuated with the world of wine and switched her focus to pursue a career in hospitality and wine instead. For the past seven years, Eleonore has worked as the sommelier at Chophouse Sydney while also training the opening teams for its Perth and Parramatta restaurants. She moved to Chiswick Woollahra in February 2019 and is currently undertaking her WSET Diploma. Eleonore is fiercely devoted to the Tasmanian wine industry and a strong champion for the Women in Wine cause, currently devoting 40% of the Chiswick wine list to female winemakers and viticulturists. 


How long have you been at Chiswick?
I started at Chiswick Woollahra in February 2019. 

What made you want to work in the wine industry?
I've worked with some amazingly passionate people and that enthusiasm rubbed off on me. The desire to always learn and challenge yourself really lends itself to the wine industry, and it always helps that you get to drink the wine while you learn.

How did you become a sommelier? 
Once I found myself infatuated with the world of wine and got as far as I thought I could teach myself I looked at what study options were available. So far I've completed my WSET Level 2 & 3 and am currently undertaking my WSET Diploma.

What’s your favorite style of wine to drink with a meal?  
For me a meal without wine is a one-way conversation. You can choose a wine that is complimentary to you meal, or one that challenges the flavours, it really depends on the mood.

If you were a wine which wine would you be? 
I'd like to think I would be a Beaujolais, light, fun and fruity but with a serious side. I love the way the chalky tannin tends to surprise the palate.

You’re on a desert island, what’s the one bottle of wine you take with you to drink? 
1995 Dom Perignon P2 Rose

What do you like to drink at home?  
Not as much as you might expect. I love a glass of wine, or two, on the weekend, but mid-week I have been experimenting with non-alcoholic spirits. ALTD Spirits Silver Princess is a recent discovery, and a new favorite. 

Any great wine tasting tips?
Find something you like as a base and try and expand your taste and knowledge. Ask a Sommelier at a restaurant or talk to someone at your local bottle shop and ask for something that is similar to what you like. For example if you like Riesling maybe you should try a Spanish Albarino, wine is an adventure!