As global concern for the natural future of our planet grows, Chiswick Woollahra strives to do all that we can to minimise our carbon footprint.  Strict recycling practices, responsible, efficient disposal methods, limiting food wastage, removing single-use cutlery (including plastic straws) and converting our used oil to biodiesel, are just the beginning. 


We endeavour to work with suppliers whose values are similar to ours, to ensure the most effective use of resources, and minimal negative impact on consumers or the environment, at every turn. All seafood is sustainably sourced, meat ethically farmed and hormone-free, and fruits, vegetables and coffee sourced as locally as possible. Our menus utilise as much of each product as we can, in different ways, whilst food waste is composted for use in our garden – and our Waste Management Agreement assures that what little waste we do have left is largely diverted from landfill. Guests are also given biologically friendly containers to take home unfinished meals, reducing wastage even further. 


Environmental awareness is an integral part of the Chiswick Woollahra ethos and we will continue to do everything in our power to minimise damage to our natural resources wherever possible.