Planted in our Woollahra garden months ago, harvested this morning, ready for you right now. 






Wood-fired flatbread, rosemary, garlic  (vgn) 9


Toolunka Creek olives and giardiniera (vgn) 9


Fresh and preserved vegetables, house made ricotta (v) (nf) 14


Spiced garden fritters, cucumber relish (vgn) (nf) 12



Small Plates


Heritage tomatoes, charred peppers, sorrel, aged balsamic (vgn) 22

Beetroot carpaccio, fig, macadamia, red elk  (vgn) 22

Add Vannella burrata (v) +9







Charred sugarloaf, onion rings, white beans, watercress (vgn) 30


Herb-crusted fennel, Persian feta, spiced chickpea (v) 30


Fettuccine, portobello, chilli, lemon, oregano (v) 30







Chiswick leaf salad (vg) 12

Seasonal greens, lemon dressing (vg) 12

Roasted pumpkin, gremolata (gf) (vg) (nf) (df) 12

Crunchy chips, ranch dip*, celery salt (v) 12



*Can be adapted to be made vegan.