Summer Garden 


January 7, 2021


The recent January rainfall has provided much-needed nourishment to our thriving kitchen garden. With some days receiving well over an inch of fresh rain, the garden has continued to blossom into an abundant sanctuary full of edible produce exploding from the composted beds.


Prior to Christmas, our vibrant tomatoes were first spoiled due to the extreme heat that blanketed Sydney's suburbs. Bugs made residency in the tomato vines - this is life on the land. 


We are now seeing new life appear. Crunchy cucumelons that resemble the appearance of a tiny watermelon and taste like a cucumber, grow upwards on our garden archway with its bounty of large foliage making home across the garden bed. Large cucumbers and a rather rampant pumpkin are also growing in our garden, ready to be harvested soon. 


The usual assortment of leafy greens including basil, mint, tarragon, rocket and lettuce have been soaking up the downpour and are harvested daily for our seasonal menu. 


Pete, our resident gardener, has recently added composted cow manure to the garden and topped up with sugar cane to ensure the health and vitality of our produce is constantly maintained. The compost generates a substantial amount of heat too, which produces optimum and quick results.


The garden is also alive with the soft buzz of our native bees as they tend to their duties of pollinating and assisting to generate new life during these warm and humid conditions. 


We look forward to welcoming you to Chiswick and hope you enjoy our delicious summer menu.