Spring Wine Feature


Show Me Some Skin

Organic, Biodynamic and minimal intervention.


These words can often seem confronting when applied to wine, conjuring up images of hazy, faulty and unapproachable wine.


Here at Chiswick, we want to change your perception by offering up some incredible wines from some of Australia’s best natural winemakers.


The wines featured here and those amongst these pages represent a selection we believe to be full of character, flavour and are just that little bit different.

“The less taken out, added to or adulterated means more of the good stuff is kept in”

- Eleonore Wulf
Chiswick Sommelier



NV Yokel Chenin Blanc Pét-Nat  15 glass | 80 bottle
Swan Valley WA (org)(n)     


This wine pays homage to the endangered Western Swamp tortoise* who finds its home nestled amongst the marshy landscape and organic vineyards of Australia’s Swan Valley region. Made in the Pét-Nat style this wine sparkles with a delicate fizz. Displaying tropical fruits; pineapple and mango, all the while finishing crisp with a savory, chalky structure. 



2019 Blind Corner ‘Ørange’ Field Blend  14 glass | 65 bottle
Quindalup WA (org)(n)


From their second harvest at the organic Quindalup vineyard, this small parcel of Pinot Grigio was hand-picked and wild skin-fermented like a red wine. Foot-crushed, hand-plunged and barrelled to finish this wine is not quite white, red or rosé, it’s Orange!
The result is a fine balance of sweetness and bitterness, that gives off subtle red fruit flavours with a slightly peppery finish and wonderful texture. 



2017    La Petite Mort Rosé  15 glass | 70 bottle
Granite Belt QLD (n)          


Who’s ever heard of wine from Queensland? 
Well, now you have.
This deep red rosé looks as far away from a Provence rosé as you get, but you’d be surprised. Aromatic Pinot Noir is blended with small amounts of Sangiovese for a darker more savoury element then fermented in terracotta amphora. Crunchy red-berry fruits transform into earth, savory notes. Bone-dry.

*Winemaker, Josephine Perry, donates $1 to the Western Australia Zoo’s Tortoise rehabilitation program with every bottle of Yokel sold.