Feature Edition 2020 – G&Ts


Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing than a simple gin & tonic on a warm Summer’s day. 

Dating back to the 17th Century Gin has had an amazing history. Originally prescribed as medicine we also have Gin to thank for helping coin the phrase ‘Dutch Courage’ but it wasn’t until the mid 19th Century when the British occupied India did Gin really make its stamp on our palates.

Ever popular to this day, we have selected some of our favourite Gins to share with you, stay hydrated! 



Four Pillars ‘Spiced Negroni’ Gin  18
Fever-Tree Aromatic tonic, orange


The Botanist ‘Islay Dry’ Gin  18 
Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic, garden florals


Sheep Whey ‘Rare Australian Botanical’ Gin  18 
Fever-Tree Indian tonic, lemon, rosemary


Adelaide Hills Distillery ‘Green Ant’ Gin  18
Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, lime, lemon myrtle 




Summer Cocktails


Watermelon Martini  20                                    
Belvedere Vodka infused with lemon myrtle, watermelon, lime


White Lady  20                     
Bombay Sapphire Gin, Italicus bergamont liqueur, Cointreau, lime, grapefruit bitters


Caribbean Colada  20
Bacardi Oakheart Rum, Tempus banana liqueur, pineapple, coconut, lime


Chiswick Mai Tai  20
Bacardi 8yo Rum, house-made Mai Tai mix, pineapple, lime, Angostura bitters


Spagliato  20
Campari, Montenegro Amaro, vermouth, prosecco


Hibiscus Manhattan  20                                        
Makers Mark Bourbon infused with hibiscus, vermouth, Angostura bitters




Summer Aperitif



Citrus Flower  18
Heiwa Shuzo Yuzushu, St Germain elderflower liqueur, soda 


Fino Highball  18
Fino Sherry, Manly Sprits zesty limoncello, Fever-Tree tonic, soda, grapefruit bitters


Summer Bellini  18
Grey Goose Órange Vodka, mandarin, rosemary, prosecco



Non-Alcoholic Cocktails


Sherbet Spritz  12                                            
Seedlip Grove, honey, chamomile, lemon, Fever-Tree Elder flower tonic    


No-groni  12                                            
Lyre’s London Dry Spirit, Lyre’s Italian Orange, Lyre’s Vermouth Rosso                
Spice Margarita  12                                            
ALTD Green Grocer, lime juice, agave                                                                                                
Garden Martini  12                                            
Seedlip Garden, pink grapefruit, lemon, basil                                                                                
The Apple Thief ‘The Accomplice’ non-alcoholic cider