Feature Edition 2019 – Chiswick Smoke Cocktails

Mixologist Chiharu Tomizawa takes inspiration from our Woodfire Oven for her new-season cocktails. 

Fire, smoke and embers captured in an ode to Winter.  



Beekeeper’s Sazerac  20
Rittenhouse rye, Hennessy VSOP, Peychaud’s bitters, Angostura bitters, absinthe, smoked honey comb



Moscow Mule  20                                         
Smogrey Belvedere, house made smoked ginger beer, lime



Boulevardier  20                                                              
Rittenhouse rye, Campari, Maidenii sweet vermouth, burnt rosemary



Rusty Nail  20                                        
Starward red wine cask, Drambuie smoked with maple chip




Winter Cocktails



Chiswick Hemingway Daiquiri  20                    
Bacardi Blanca, St.Germain, Luxardo maraschino, pink grapefruit, lime



Winter Breeze  20
Dewar’s 12yo infused with Dandelion, Houraisen umeshu, ginger ale, grapefruit bitters



Kumquat Sour*  20                                    
Patron silver, Dewar’s 12yo, Kumquat honey jam, orange bitters 



Shisonic  20
Bombay Sapphire, shiso & rhubarb, Martini rosso, lime, soda water



Honey Blonde*  20
Dewar’s 12yo infused with apricot, apricot brandy, honey & camomile, absinthe, lemon



Old Cuban Fashioned  20
Bacardi Ocho, Bacardi Oakheart, Tempus Fugit Banana, Aztec bitters


Winter Aperitif



Winter Spritz  17
Heiwa shuzo Yuzushu, Campari, pinkgrapefruit, prosecco, soda water



Chilli Highball  17
Dewar’s 12yo infused with bird eye chilli, Averna, Fever Tree ginger ale, orange bitters



Seasonal Bellini  17
Grey Goose L’poire, pear, rosemary, prosecco



Non-Alcoholic Cocktails


Sherbet Spritz  10                                            
Seedlip Grove, honey & camomile, lemon, Fever Tree elder flower tonic



Plum Mojito  10                                            
ALTD Spirits Silver Princess, house-made plum jam, mint


Spice Margarita  10                                            
ALTD Green Grocer, lime juice, agave      



Garden Martini  10                                            
Seedlip Garden, pink grapefruit, lemon, basil    



Apple Thief  10                                            
The Accomplice non-alcoholic cider, served over ice